What is EXP Tracker?

To allow easy monitoring of expenses incured on a job. This can be used for either commercial use or private use. The program is based on a ledger style system. This makes it easy for accountants/book-keepers to keep a record of expenses incurred while working on a specific job.The system could just as easily be used for monitoring personal expense on specific jobs.

Project Status

At the moment the project is currently in the planning stage. We are working on the specification for version 1.0. We are constantl looking for both developers and users, if you are intersted please contact us using the contact us page.

Mission Statement

To create an expenses monitoring program that will run on all major platforms. Functionailty will be provided from open source API's. The software will be from the community.


The application will be a client side application which will access either an embeded database or one on a network. This allows for complete mobile access. Meaning that the database can be read from anywhere providing access to the location of the database. The application is also based on a modular structure, the use of plug-ins. This means that the base of the application will provide the basic functionality of the application with the ability to add extra features. This allows small home users to have a small versatile application with companies needing more features which are supplied easily.

General Requirements

If you would like to add anything to these requirements or to suggext something, then please contact us using the contact us page.


At the present there has not been a license set for the project. We are still considering this, it will definietley be one of the open source licenses. Any suggestions contact us.